Christiana Syrris Design

is a studio based in London, UK. The studio’s focus and passion lies in creating a home in all it’s true essence and in doing so creates highly tailored, detailed and well-rounded interiors. These interiors are beautifully put together spaces that leave an impression and conjure emotions.

Led by founder and creative director Christiana Syrris the studio’s vision is about the interweaving of aesthetics and tradition, drawing on combining years of experience and the client’s needs. Bringing these spaces to life means that there is a comprehensive interplay of the old world and the new, which are then expertly curated together. Pieces of furniture and fabrics which have a story and a history are the special collected items which Christiana likes to use to add layers to home. Special emphasis is placed on the combination of layering texture, colour, form and scale. A holistic approach is adopted for each project meaning that all aspects of the Interior Design process work to complement each other.

Christiana spent four years in the city of Florence, Italy studying Interior Architecture and Product Design before coming to London and working at the renowned Studio Indigo for 7 inspiring years as a Senior Designer. She designed and project managed highly detailed and extensive projects both in the residential and in the Super Yacht industry, in London, Holland and Russia. Christiana has a diverse cultural background of Greek origin, raised in South Africa and the eclectic mix of these design inspirations are deeply rooted in her variety of styles. There is no standardized approach in the designs, allowing each project to take on its own character.

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